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Treasure Island


By Bryony Lavery 

The Lighthouse Theatre, Poole (March 2020)

Director: Luke Kernaghan

Costume Design: Will Hargreaves

Costume Supervision: Lysanne Goble & Lauren Ferger-Andrews

Running Wardrobe: Rachel Donald

Photography: Bill Bradshaw 

For this production, I was a member of the alterations team in which we adapted costumes that were taken from the University's costume store to make them fit the actors on stage. Through this role I also assisted with the making of certain props; for example painting masks, sanding down daggers, and creating shell necklaces.

My role as a dresser consisted of dressing both male and female actors in 18th Century garments as well as conducting quick changes at the side of the stage. The fastest quick change was 40 seconds long and required a full change from men's costume to a women's costume with a corset and dress as well as a hair/makeup change. This was completed as a team of two alongside Victoria Young. 



Part of a costume I made during a second year interpretation project was used for the character Red Ruth. 

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