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Interpretation Project: Treasure Island

(Costume Maker)

Arts University Bournemouth (2019)

Designer: Wayne Martin

For this project I made an 18th Century petticoat, skirt, and boned sac back dress inspired by Treasure Island and designed by Costume Tutor Wayne Martin. This was made for a student from the Acting course (Jasmine Armstrong) and used in a photoshoot.

For the sac back dress, I draped the pattern on the stand and then adapted a Janet Arnold pattern for the sleeves. The skirts were flat drafted. 

After completion of the costume, I then broke the piece down to create a tired and worn look. This was done with paint, vaseline, and cheese graters.

After the costume was used in the initial photoshoot, it went on to be adapted for use in the AUB Production of Treasure Island, being worn by Jemima Davis for the character Red Ruth.

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