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The Cherry Orchard

(Costume Supervisor)

 By Anton Chekhov

Studio Theatre, Arts University Bournemouth (Dec 2020)

Director: Jonathan Martin 

Costume Design: Lucy Barber

Costume Supervision: Abigail Foster

Set Design: Ilya Beckford

Photography: Bill Bradshaw

My role as Costume Supervisor for this production involved a cast of 12 who between them required 26 costumes. These were curated through original makes, which I sourced the fabrics for, as well as through hire houses, the University's own costume store and buys.  

With the production happening amidst the COVID pandemic, social distancing was adhered to as well as full use of PPE when dressing actors. Quarantining costumes for 72 hours after being worn by the actors was followed and the costumes were kept covered whenever they weren't being worn.

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